SaviTrak — Using GPS, Cellular and Sensors – Provides Royal Food With Real-Time Intelligence on the Status, Security and Condition of Products In-Transit

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.and BOSTON – March 2, 2010 — Royal Food Import Corp., an export firm specializing in the food market, has selected Savi Networks for its automated wireless monitoring service to improve the end-to-end visibility, security and freshness of food products while in transit. The initial phase of the three-year contract involves real-time tracking and security of fruit and vegetable products as they’re transported in cargo containers by truck, rail and ocean vessel from production sources in Thailand and China to distribution centers in the United States.

In recent months, Savi Networks has signed several agreements for its SaviTrak intelligence service with businesses engaged in the transportation and distribution of food and beverage products, including with Highland Spring, the maker of organic bottled water, and Transmed Foods, Inc., the U.S. distribution arm of the Crespo Group.

“Royal Food is committed to providing our retail and restaurant customers with top quality products at competitive prices, and we fully utilize state-of-the-art information systems such as SaviTrak to ensure product integrity from the field to the plate,” said Collin Tuthill, president of Royal Food Import. “The SaviTrak service embeds us with a competitive information advantage to help deliver fresh products when they’re wanted at the right price even if they’re shipped globally.”

“We’re pleased to provide Royal Food with a 21st century intelligence service that delivers visibility and control of global trade – wirelessly – virtually anywhere, anytime,” said Neil Smith, chief executive officer of Savi Networks. “With a single and shared view across the end-to-end supply chain, SaviTrak can dramatically improve performance, efficiency and product integrity.”

SaviTrak is a web-hosted intelligence service that monitors the real-time status and condition of global shipments by integrating tracking data from GPS, cellular, electronic security bolts and environmental sensor technologies.

In addition to its automated monitoring service, SaviTrak also can help expedite the resolution of insurance claims by identifying chain of custody responsibilities in the event of damages or losses of a shipment. SaviTrak users can collaborate with their customers, carriers and terminal operators on the status of their shipments in order to take quick action jointly on unplanned events, such as delays, misroutes or security breaches. Automated alerts from the SaviTrak service transmit information about key events and exceptions.

About Royal Food Import

Information is power, and Royal Food devotes considerable resources to staying on top of developments in the global food marketplace – from antidumping legislation on Capitol Hill to average daily rainfall in China’s peach orchards. By monitoring even the smallest market, policy, and even weather changes in real-time, we help our customers buy smarter and, in turn, return higher profits. At Royal Food Import Corp., our import/export specialists have decades of experience in the global food marketplace, with expertise in the specific items you and – more importantly – your customers depend on.

About Savi Networks

Savi Networks was founded to improve the efficiency and security of global trade. SaviTrak is an intelligence service that utilizes reliable wireless shipment monitoring technology to provide shippers, logistics service providers, and terminal operators with easily accessible, precise and actionable information. The information is used to identify both real-time and systemic shipment and inventory issues and then make appropriate decisions. Savi Networks is a joint venture between Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT] and Hutchison Port Holdings. To learn more about Savi Networks, visit: