According to Tuthill, the benefits have been threefold. “If you can shave two or three days [per shipment] out of the equation, that can save hundreds of thousands of dollars,” he says. The system also provides safety by sending an alert if the seal has been tampered with. “The safety aspect is extremely important–that’s the driving force for me.” The system can offer customers assurance that no one has tampered with a container while it is in transit, he says, adding that the temperature data is important to perishable products that might be sensitive to extreme heat or cold. “So if there is an extreme temperature discovered on the vessel,” the products can be moved forward to be shiped immediately by rail. Tuthill says he passes the system’s cost on to thos customers who request access to the data, as part of his company’s service. The increase in cost, he notes, is minor.

Khun Narong, Logistics Director of Western Digital-Thailand
Press Release – Feb. 23, 2010

“Since 2007, we continue to discover new operational efficiencies and security assurances in this cooperative project with Savi Networks, TIFFA and Royal Thai Customs. The Savi Networks information service provides us with a competitive edge that streamlines processes and speeds shipments from Thailand to the United States.” The ability to automatically validate, track and collaborate on the status of truck trailers filled with high-performance hard drives has streamlined supply chain business processes by 50 percent, reduced manpower by 25 percent, cut Customs clearance steps by 60 percent and increased data accuracy by up to 100 percent.


Alvaro Mauricio Duran, General Manager of Integrated Control and Logistics Services
Press Release – Feb. 2, 2010

“SaviTrak’s advanced value-added intelligence will allow us to reduce operational risks and costs while improving service to our customers who manufacture products in a wide range of industries. This unique technology will enable us to serve potential customers from Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador from any company facility to any final destination in the world.”


Jens Wessel, Vice President of Damco North America
Press Release – Jan. 20, 2010

“SaviTrak delivers a value-added tracking service that brings new levels of automated visibility, security and safety to global shipments. We’re pleased to offer SaviTrak to our valued customers to improve operations, performance and service, as well as deepen supply chain collaboration among our customers and partners.” Wessel also emphasized SaviTrak’s ability to be implemented almost immediately, its ease-of-use, cost-effectiveness and both quick and long-term ROI potential.


“We are optimistic that together with Savi Networks, we can grow our Hemaspheria system not only in Mexico, but also throughout Latin and North America,” states Hector Mora Gomez, Grupo Hemas’ president and CEO. “Soon, our next step will be to expand this service to other countries where cargo security is a problem. Companies in Mexico are used to using armed escorts to secure their cargo. Once we demonstrate how well this technology works, they love it, and can replace the expensive and risky armed-guard system.”

The system has already prevented crimes related to Grupo Hemas’ containers. “We have already had incidents of potential robberies of our shipments,” he says, “but thanks to SaviTrak’s ability to detect tampering and inform us in real time, the police were able to be dispatched to the conflict at the precise moment the robbery was occurring, so the cargo was safe.”


Yannis Karagounis, Exports Planning & Distribution Manager at Highland Spring
Press Release – Nov. 3, 2009

“Highland Spring has always been the leader in bringing the ultimate customer experience to the consumer. The value of our brand and our name is this devotion to quality and the customer experience. SaviTrak allows us to improve the management and control of our logistics operations to minimize costs and ensure our consumer trust continues to be well earned daily in every aspect of our operations.”


“Our strategic customers now have the ability to get real-time information and location of their cargo during the transportation,” says Lin Hongbing, Coscon Logistics’ general manager. “It is very easy and convenient for us to collect environmental data in the container, such as humidity and temperature.”

Coscon chose the Savi Networks solution, Lin says, because of its the ease of operation, and because it costs less than other wireless systems. “We hope this useful technology would be expanded to more areas, such as customs issues,” Lin says.


Marc Meier, Global Head – DHL Global Forwarding
NVO Radar Screen; American Shipper – Mar. 26, 2009

Marc Meier, head of DHL Global Forwarding’s LCL business, said the real-time data provided through the GPS system will help shippers improve their supply chain processes, better evaluate delivery times, and monitor container routes. Meier also noted that the technology provides important updates on environmental conditions inside the containers, such as exposure to varying temperatures, humidity, shock, vibration and light; and sensing capabilities to help detect and alert incidences of cargo theft and damage. In addition, the GPS tags provide DHL with a more efficient way to track its own container assets. “Providing fast and reliable services combined with operational excellence, being environmentally friendly and using the latest technology, is what our customers expect from us as being the first choice in the industry,” he said. “And we don’t plan to stop there.”


Dave Asiala, Information Technology Director of Dow Chemical
In Dow Chemical’s Adoption of RFID, Many Lessons; Baseline – Nov. 17, 2007

“The value that technology provides us is really critical,” said Asiala. … Dow has achieved a 50 % improvement in its ability to identify and resolve in-transit problems. Other notable benefits include a 90% improvement in the company’s ability to offer delivery time windows, a 20% reduction in excess stock inventory, and the elimination of a historical 10 to 15% human error rate associated with the manual work processes to capture and enter data.